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Vatermelodie (Father Melody)

Our newest project, the short film "Vatermelodie (Father Melody)" is an experimental project in which we try to tell the story with shadows projected onto a canvas.
The film is about a young father and his daughter, who build in the first few years of life, the daughter of a close bond with each other. However, the older daughter is, the more the everyday creeps into the lives of both. As this will be interrupted by an event, life takes an unexpected turn.
We wanted to treat an emotional issue with this film, with which hopefully can identify many people and thus had the idea to represent a young father who wants to spend more time with his child, but occupationally unable thereto.
This type film was a new and interesting experience for us and we hope that our viewer also enjoy our result!

China we come!

Quite surprisingly, the American Field Service, a voluntary organization, which it has set itself the task of organizing intercultural encounters and supervise, contacted us in spring this year.
Mr. Olaf Willuhn, organizational director of AFS Germany, made contact to the Film-AG (Workgroup) and informed us that the AFS in cooperation with the Confucius Institute and the Mercator Foundation is planning a student exchange for film enthusiasts young to China.
He was impressed by the recent work of the Film-AG (Workgroup), so he made our teacher Mr. Alt the offer to include five students in the exchange program. Now they will travel to Beijing, China for a total of 22 days in the summer holidays.
There they will be housed in the boarding of the Beijing Royal School and participate along with ten other German and 15 Chinese students at film workshops with professional filmmakers.
A special honor it is to be allowed to get acquainted with Wu Wenguang, a well-known, independent, Chinese director. He is a person with whom it would normally be impossible for us to make contact.
In return, we will stay with the Chinese students next summer for three weeks Cologne. To prepare the group for the trip, which is composed of various federal states, we were a weekend in Kassel informed by a preparatory seminar about how the program will run in Beijing .
We were the Chinese culture with with their peculiarities, based for example on the communication, brought closer. We had the chance to ask questions, and the other participants were able to meet. The weekend we were very well prepared for our upcoming stay in China and made us even more curious.
We are all very close to the three weeks Beijing!



We had 99 hours to realize a 99-second short film on a given theme. At the beginning of the 99 hours we stood in the icy catacombs of the "Kaiserthermen (Imperial Baths)" and our greatest wish was a warm tea. The largest request in our film was something important: to live in peace.
After 99 hours in cold cellars and classrooms in the final section, we sent our baby then to Berlin. From there, a few days later, the good news: We did it from 3421 submitted films in the Top 99!
Four of us went a little later in the capital for the award ceremony at the Admiralspalast - there then the sensation: The jury awards our film "Wünsche aus Zinn (Wishes of tin)" with the special prize!


Zeig uns deine Rechte

For Children's Rights Competition of the German Child Protection Association and Roland Rechtsschutz we produced a 100-second short film that illustrated the children's rights of disabled children and on education humorous.
With our first short film "Hannah" We convinced the jury and also were able to decide the online voting for us. In the autumn of 2014 the comedian and actor Michael Kessler visited us, to hand us our price and to jointly carry out a project.


and much more!

Humboldt-Film is a group full of young, ambitious filmmakers who win with their extraordinary talent and charm every short film competition in the world and conquer the rest of the world...

...okay, kidding aside.

Humboldt-Film is a group of students of all grades of Humboldt High School Trier, which deal with the issue of short film. We meet once a week to deal with film theory and film practice or gather ideas for new short films and to develop. Humboldt-Film AG (Workgroup) was launched from our current manager Mr. Alt, who works as a physics and history teacher at the school after his failed dream to study film and television director.

We are divided within the Humboldt-Film AG (Workgroup) in various roles: director and manager, props, makeup, camera, sound, light, music and editing (editing, image editing, etc. ). Most everyone has their own specialty, but there is one another also changed. Especially when new members come, they may try as many areas.

With our previous short films we have already won numerous awards. One of our greatest achievements is by "Wünsche aus Zinn (Wishes of tin)" won special prize at the annual, held 99FIRE-FILMS-AWARD at the Berlinale, the biggest short film competition in the world.

Other prices include the Prize for Media Education 2015 and 2016, we have gained with the documentation of a "Protestaktion gegen Raumnot (Protest against lack of space)" and a film of "Nibelungen"-saga. With the "Raumnot (Lack of space)" film and "Hannah" we each have won a prize at Creajeune with "Hannah" also the Competition "Zeig uns deine Rechte (Show us your rights)" sponsored by Roland Rechtsschutz (Legal). At the "1. mitl ( Media & IT Network Trier - Luxembourg e.V. ) - Short Film Competition" which has taken place in 2016, we were with our film "Fundgrube (Treasure trove)" very successful and took first place.

99FIRE-FILMS-AWARD Special Price [Wünsche aus Zinn (Wishes of tin)]
Sponsorship Media Education (2x) [Protestaktion gegen Raumnot (Protest against lack of space); Nibelungen]
2. Place unicef-junior ambassador 2015
Creajeune (2x) [Raumnot (Lack of space); Hannah]
1. Place mitl (Media & IT Network Trier - Luxembourg e.V.) [Fundgrube (Treasure trove)]
Zeig uns deine Rechte (Show us your rights) [Hannah]

Raumnot (Lack of space)
Protestaktion gegen Raumnot (Protest against lack of space)
Wünsche aus Zinn (Wishes of tin)
Fundgrube (Treasure trove)
Männerglück (Men happiness)
Liebe mit Anhang (Love with Annex)